LP Message

People do not want what you have; people believe what you believe.  We believe in the power of youth who are actively shaping the future of the world.

JCI Dhaka Heritage has established in 2014. This is a local organization of young active citizen of Old Dhaka. Old Dhaka is not only a particular place of Dhaka city; Old Dhaka is a term to the historic old city of Dhaka. However, the way the Old Dhaka is famous for its unique culture, customs and food; the same way this unique part of the city is underprivileged, overlooked and need much more care for development. JCI Dhaka Heritage believes that we need to go a long way to shape the future of the old Dhaka Community, environment and socio-economic conditions.

Our strong believe in the contribution of all the members of JCI Dhaka Heritage will definitely create a great positive impact in the development of the community of the city, thus the nation and thus the world.

Md. Iqbal Hosssain 
2018 Local President
JCI Dhaka Heritage