JCI Bangladesh


About JCI Bangladesh

JCI Bangladesh is a National Organization of Junior Chamber International. JCI Bangladesh has already won many international acclaims for its active ventures in developing leadership and great community service. JCI Bangladesh had three JCI International Vice Presidents and four Asia Pacific Development Counselors who were responsible for developing Junior Chamber in other countries. JCI members are 18 to 40 year-old professional and entrepreneurs who have joined a local JCI chapter. We meet, learn and grow. We create positive change. We train to become better leaders. We organized projects in the areas of business, Individual, Community and International Development.


Building local, national and international networks, we draw on the experience of JCI alumni who have succeeded in various facets of life and who provide assistance when required. Representing countless occupations and skills, we are creative, bold leaders who are developing new skills, laying new foundations, and establishing new friendships and networks. We carry out our mission by conducting a vast array of projects to increase and sharpen our skills. Our activities, ranging from small local programs to multimillion-dollar international projects, provide opportunities for members to develop and use their skills to help themselves and those around them. Our mission is to improve ourselves by developing our communities.